Friday, August 12, 2011

Room Box Started!

So today I bit the bullet and put together the room box. I'd been avoiding doing this because I really wanted my tape wire first, but the place I plan buying it from is on vacation and my patience wore out.

First thing was, careful wallpaper trimming. I've made the mistake before of cutting first then gluing. No more. First, I glue it down, get the bubbles out, let it sit, then I trim.

Getting ahead, this is the window area to the room box. By the way, this is scrap-booking paper and not dollhouse paper.

The window'ed wall with it's paper.

I still intend on wiring. I've been told that TW is pretty sheer and I could go over the paper and no one would say anything, but I simply left about an inch unglued on each wall.

I accidently glued some down. But no big. The walls were then glued on,, and the "ceiling" when I wire that, I'll cover it with some white paper to look like a painted ceiling should. The floor was not glued because I didn't have anything to cover it with yet. I'm torn between some sage green carpet and some red. I also have some dentil molding to add that I need to paint. I'm seriously leaning towards the red carpet and red trim.

And, there you go. This will become the "living room" box. Most of what you see in here will be staying in here. I do have to get some wall art and mirrors in, and I'm working on getting a couch. The fireplace already has it's new flickering logs and as soon as the wiring goes in, it'll be crackling away. This room has an overall "red green" thing going on. Which is great for the green marble pieces. The barrel chairs also work great in here along with the gold. I'm very unsure about the blue. I'm not into those being in here and they'll be going into another room.

And, as you see, I have not stuck to the "Petite Princess" only rule. There are several items here that have no PP connection at all. Magazines and bong and lighter are courtesy of June's Miniatures.

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leecytx said...

my dad made me a dollhouse from a kit when I was young and now it sits in my storage unit. I enjoyed the miniature items and redecorating in a small scale -but not i have a REAL house that calls for that attention.

Great work & I'll follow you in my reader!! :)
leecytx from swap-bot