Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A-Frame Pictures

A paper covered house

So, my plans for entering a dollhouse contest fell flat. I was in the hospital most of the summer and of course, everything sort of went to hell. Now school has started back up so I'll have even less time for the most part, although luckily no Monday Wednesday classes this semester.
But, meanwhile I worked on the contest house to finish it anyhow (and no its still not done) but I thought I'd share what I did do so far.
And for the curious, the bricks are set on top to tighten the seams and to make the gluing as tight as possible.
So, now for some important details. The house has a paper facade. The "bricks" are paper, printed from I suggest using thicker than normal paper, slightly glossy if possible, and print using photo settings. I then trimmed and put the paper on before gluing together except for the one end when it turned out I hadn't printed enough. And its not easy to see, but the floors are also paper. Using the light oak I used the same method and all was glued down using spray glue. Which, by the time you are done sniffing said glue, you don't especially care if its crooked.
So, this one needs its roof finished, and I need to finish some of the papering and then furnish. I think this one may wind up a gift.

Identify please!!

So my goody of the summer yard saling is this wild A-frame style dollshouse. I know this is a kit house, but who's? Anyone know the name of it? By the way...this goody cost me (with all the furniture) $3. Yes, THREE DOLLARS. Church sale.

The day I had it, I broke it down. Carefully although I did lose a piece or two. Cracked rather. It had a bit of damage, nothing major or unfixable, and hadn't been glued together that great. It was then sanded and I put it aside due to trying to get the trailer clean before school started.
Then carefully put back together except for the front piece which I'm holding off on while I hunt for better window material for those windows. Also need to hunt down some sliding "glass" doors for the ends.
By the way anyone seeing anything they can't live without in that picture of furniture let me know. Much of that is not anything I'm real interested in although I think that the clock and phone will be going into the cottage.
But, the A-frame is finally my chance to do a super modern style piece. No pictures yet, but the o pen back part, on the two sections of wood there is now shingles. It looks pretty smart very 1970's which is the direction the house will be headed. Very 70's very kitch. I want it to look like the house friends of my parents had. The lived in a great A-frame although theirs had balconys. there's a thought...