Thursday, March 26, 2009

So I've been debating entering a  local art show with one of my dollhouses. I asked and was told that "hell yes, dollhouses are art!!". So, I need to decide if I can get one done by the end of April. I have two projects in progress, the house which I've posted about here, and a trailer. I put both together and then set aside the trailer to work on later. I had in fact, forgotten all about the trailer until when discussing it with someone last night she demanded I use the trailer since clearly in her eyes, not using the trailer would make me an epic failure (thanks Heather). So, I've got spring break next week, and after I clean my dirty house and do my spring cleaning, I'll start work on the trailer again. So far, the plan is to turn it into trailer trash heaven. The decision is if its to be a wonderfully clean and pretty version of trailer trash heaven, or if I have to do a grubby, single mother entertaining men on the other side of the tracks while her numerous children are scattered all over the place, or a combination of both.