Friday, July 15, 2011

Maude Makes an Appearance and More PP Love

Lots and lots of things today. First, a new picture of Maude. Her "pets" are Ty Beanie erasers. Cute yes?

In other Maude news, she's debating adopting. But because of her porn star lifestyle, she's also demanded a nanny or au pair. I'm voting nanny using my veto power because really, bad things happen when you have an au pair.

And it might happen that she'll get two children and a nanny. So far, this is baby number one. She's a Hujoo baby. I'd like one of the Obitsu babies, and that WILL happen but this little Hujoo is just so damn sweet she begs to come live here. Tarquin thinks she's creepy. But like with everything, I need sales at my Etsy shop before I can make too many grand plans. After all, Maude still needs a home.


In Petite Princess Land, new pieces and a new room box. I'm pretty happy about it, this means I can take a look at the box carefully and try to reproduce it for people who can't get a box. But, all these new pieces also means that a new house is a must.

Speaking of which, while it wasn't Toadstool Studios High Rise plan, I did get my hands on TS Farmhouse plan yes, I wish badly it was the apartment house, but it's a step in getting together the patterns this company made.


So, do you want a cute corset for your dresser? This is an unwearable 1" scale corset. Only $2 for this item on my Etsy Shop - Dirty Girl Designs.