Monday, April 6, 2009

So I decided to enter Greenleaf's Spring Fling Contest. I won't post a ton of details until after I've entered it, but I'll post some here and there as I work on it. You'll see a completed dollhouse in this case just before May 25th. I've got to do this for two contests. So I traced the windows I decided to put in (left overs from the house windows) a bigger window downstairs, and a regular sized window and door.

The windows here are just set onto the front.

As I
 said, the original front window downstairs was smaller. In fact, a quarter of this half that is cut. A bigger (but not big enough) window is upstairs.

And of COURSE, I had to make a crucial mistake. I was slicing at the new double window hole, and the end of the front snapped off. Its not a HUGE deal, but it is an annoyance. I have to patch them together and get them to glue well before I put the wallpaper and front brick on. I decided to do brick for a couple reasons. The whole look will be metro. Then, brick paper can actually be printed at home. I found some here , that will work if I can't find scrapbooking paper. I like scrapbookingpaper because its really thick, and wears well. A coat of poly on it when you use it as flooring makes it look like lino. 

I'm not telling you the theme of it though, but I will admit today that it will have a kotatsu in it's living room, and a spiral staircase.