Friday, November 20, 2009

So far I have found four trunk patterns. I will try to post before the end of the new week.
Its a confusing question, and I'm not even sure I can figure it out, so I'll ask you smarties.

If a clothing pattern, in reduced scale, is 1/8"=1", when I blow it up on a copier, what should I use to make the patterns 1" to 1'?

Of course, this question might be worse when I haul out the scaled patterns that are slightly larger.

From left: half inch scale, three quarter inch scale, 1 inch scale, 1/6th scale

Which means this furniture I'm pretty sure is 1/2 scale!! YES!!

I recieved my set of "Re-Ment". As mentioned before, it turned out it was not Re-Ment, the seller "mislabled" the auction, and confirmed today, it is in fact 1:12 scale furniture. I'm not upset though, its a fantastic set for this scale and style, the detail is amazing, although I'm at school and haven't really looked it over yet.

But for those into more "modern" furniture than my new/vintage stuff, be prepared. Something is coming you may enjoy.

UPDATE: I don't think this is even 1:12. I'm trying to figure it out, it might be PP scale, it might even be less. Still happy with the set, just wish I knew what scale it is.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh Em Gee. I am going to glory in using 1/4 scale on a dutchie box. Disturbing.
One thing I've noticed after mentioning I'd like to do a cigar house. There isn't much info on them out there. A super popular item for years, it just also seems to be a little respected hobby of dad and mom around Xmas back in the old days to give for a daughter.

So, as I can, I will post what printed info I can on this little known project (although thousands exists) and hopefully others can use and enjoy the info.

So, as soon as I get more Dutchie boxes, prepare yourself for some cigar box house lovin'.

As I mentioned, I will be scanning my new copies of Miniature Gazette I've begun to pull together. as far as scanning though, I'm sure it is understood I'll be starting with the early issues. I'm also tentatively going to be working on writing down what issues I have, and what is in them. This is going to be super time consuming, I wouldn't argue if someone offered to help me. Scanning the issues of course will show what is in them right off, but its nice to not have to dig to find the article you want right off the bat! These magazines have to be categorized and scanned before I can even attempt to begin hunting down a complete file of Nutshell News. After that, I have my doubt (famous last words I know) that I'll be completing full catalogs of any more miniature magazines. I feel these two are the pinnacle of their art and I need go no further except a current subscription to whatever hobby magazines I may invest in later.

Having so many of the Miniature Gazette I now have lots of reading material.

Now, I didn't come by my collection "honestly". N.A.M.E. is my own age and it would have been very difficult to have gotten my first issue at the age of 6 months and then every one since. So, a lucky eBay purchase gave me an instant 59 magazines along with the few from the 70's (including issue #1) that I'd manage to get. This magazine is a type which made it collectible to the owner. Work projects alone guaranteed that. And a marked disinclination for cutting the magazine even in its basic journal form was there from the beginning. A coupon cut from a page of my own issue #1 was apologized for in the next issue with the promise to print further coupons in a way to not destroy a magazine, but given the magazines I've seen, few were cut and I have the collections of a few owners from different parts of the country. But sadly I have a cut #1 that I have to attempt to replace with a "clean" issue.

Another feature I really liked is the fact that the magazines are punched for three ring binders. Mine are not yet in binders, but a trip to Staples for large binders is planned. Plus, don't forget, I'll be scanning all these issues. I don't know that N.A.M.E. itself has archived any of their Gazettes electronically, I only know of the 3 pages of issue 1 they host on their site.

But back to the hole punching. Three punches, right from issue one allowed the owner to put the magazine into a binder of their own. My understanding is that N.A.M.E. offered binders. I do not know if they still offer them (not having a more current issue than 2003) at this time. But, apparently in this decade, they quit punching the issues. This is the second change in the Gazette I didn't care for. While slipping the magazines onto magazine holders and putting into a binder is fairly simple, the holes made life easier. I also really see no drawbacks to hole punching the magazine. The later magazines of the 90's are just as sturdy now as they were when freshly delivered.

This brings me to the second change I noticed in the Gazettes (physically) The issues of the early 1970's, such as issue #1, are stapled like regular magazines in the center. They average about 30 pages so this method probably worked great for the early, smaller issues.

However, sometime shortly the start of N.A.M.E. and the Gazette, the magazines were printed in what I believe is called "perfect" bound. This means that instead of a regular magazine binding, the binding is square, and flat. It creates a super nice, neat book like magazine that simply screams quality. Sometime in the mid 1980's though, the magazine went back to the early binding except now there were slick often color covers. (the perfect bound ones also have color covers on occasion) this was now a "modern" style magazine, capable of sitting on the shelf next to Playboy as far as binding went. I think here is where the magazine lost some physical charm. About the only drawback I've noticed is a tendency for the glue to dry out and the pages to separate from the binding. Having said that, if the magazine is in a binder, this shouldn't be an issue. But, I can understand a switch if N.A.M.E. realized the glue breakdown early on and made the switch for that reason among others.

In the 80's and 90's the magazines are still punched, color photos are throughout yet still not a slick fashion magazine style, or even like a few of the miniature magazines (and doll) that were beginning to make their appearances.

For this decade (2000) the magazines are no longer punched. But the magazines do keep the same "simple" layout, color pictures aren't wasting ink all over the place still, but what color photos are here are fantastic. I'm still not sure if the switch in bindings was good. I'm still loving on those mid to late 1970's perfect bound "books".

The covers have also changed, the 70s saw the focused covers with a framed picture or the really early issue which have blurry mimeograph photos. The 80's the covers were still in "frames". The newer issues, the cover picture is a full page. Since I haven't seen a new issue, I don't know what else is changed. I am rather surprised that the magazine hasn't followed another trend of printing contents on the cover. It is still a few frills magazine which suits it perfectly.

The advantage of knowing the cover styles is great if you look really fast at an issue online and the picture is tiny, or you look really fast someplace else. An instinct look should tell you what era the magazine is from. A full sized color picture is a modern copy, a framed picture on the cover is earlier. A book style binding is from the 1970's/
Ive no idea how many magazines there should be up to this date. The closest I can guess is that each year should have 4 issues. (37 years, 4 issues per year, 148 magazines??) In the early days it may have only been 2. But, until I have a solid answer, I'm guessing. For example, 1988/9 has 4 issues. They are listed by season (Fall 1988, Winter 1988, Spring 1989, and Summer 1989) Volume 17 numbers 1-4. They are also slightly coordinated, in solid colors. From the later issues, volume 29 also has 4 issues, Fall 2000, Holiday 2000, January/February 2000 (I believe this is a normal typo I see a lot in M.G. and they meant 2001) and March/April 2001. The current issues say the months as opposed to seasons, and a "Holiday" issue as opposed to "December" or "Winter". There may a "theme" between these issues, but at this time, I don't see it in the covers. I've also made the assumption that there may be "gala" issues. specials only released on rare occasions. I seem to recall mention of one or two in the earlier issues, but I may be mistaken.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Miniature Gazette

I'm a firm believer in the idea that if you have a hobby, learning as much about it as possible is the way to go. When I have a hobby, I put my all into it. The least of which is the books or magazines I feel will help me best. So, I purchased from eBay (of course) 59 issues of Miniature Gazette. This means I need to fill in the gaps that I don't have thanks to this purchase. I now have issues from 1981-2003. I need 1972-1981 and 2003-2009. I haven't even had time to go through these (just got them today) and my plans, (which affect my readers of this blog) are as follows:

1. Fill out the gaps by any missing issues.

2. Create an index by decade of the general contents. Mini Palooza has an online index, but I feel that it is woefully incomplete and it appears that the owner of the site hasn't updated in some time. At the moment I won't be putting anything online other than possibly the basic list.

3. Scan all issues.

4. Share!! I can't let one out of my hands, but I'm hoping when I have the issues all sorted and put together, etc, that I can offer people articles they want. My plan is to eventually have a private "museum" of dollhouse items and houses and I'm determined to have a full library of material at the disposal of all. (in case you don't know of my other hobbies, I already do this to some extent with sewing patterns)

This brings up my next plan. I feel really there is only one other magazine of this genre I want, and that's Nutshell News. So, keep your eyes out for a huge set. Or donate me your old ones. Don't worry, my goals for those are the same.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Got your Holy Grail? I do. Toadstool Studios No. 786- High Rise. Its a pattern for a 6 story apartment building in 1:12 scale. HELP! !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So apparently that last set, oh so wonderful, is NOT Re-Ment. I'm not thrilled, but since it was pretty cheap, I don't feel as mad as I could about it.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Re-Ment and other bragging

As many know, I have a Japanese BJD who is known as Maud. I've wanted a house for her since I got her, and she will get one. Meanwhile I've bought different pieces of Re-Ment for her. My latest is this divine set. I have all the pieces coming, and all for around $12 with free shipping.

I also managed to grab a set of PP. I grabbed 6 pieces (all but one with boxes) for around $40. Thats not coming until next month though. I'm darn near giddy over it.

I also received my Chrysnbon stove today.

I sort of debated between the parlor stove, and the cook stove, and decided on this one for the Victorian cottage. I've decided it is to be a period accurate home of around 1860 of a woman waiting for her soldier husband to return home. I figured I loved the rocker, and I can add some simple "cast iron" pans in a couple weeks.

Anyone know where to get Chrysnbon wholesale though? I really could be saving so much more money here....