Friday, February 6, 2009

Sorry for the exceptionally bad picture. Clearly the new camera isn't perfect. I'll attempt better ones later.
Between the furnace issues, the water issues, and being sick, I managed to get in all the windows. The floor isn't right still though, and I have to remove it, sand the walls again, and one more time try to get the floor even. But, the doors and windows are in at least. I debated putting in a window in that blank spot next to the double window, but have since decided that since the cabinets go there, it's really no place for a window.

Sitting in the student lounge one day, a fellow student gave me someone's 3D project. All done in luan of course! I have in addition to all this (held by the ever patient and also sick Tarquin) 3 long sheets that were the base, center, and bottom of the project which resembled a shadow box. Who knows what they shall become!