Saturday, August 13, 2011

Giving Bieber a Bong Hit

I want to make something clear before I share this next picture. I do not "hate" Justin Bieber. What I "hate" is the rabidness of the fans. I probably would have felt the same over screaming Beatles fans, or Elvis fans. You fans scare me. So this is a mockery of the fandom, not Bieber hatred.

First, I bought my "magazine" at June's Miniatures Mart. Yes I can make my own mags, and yes, I know how, but no printer ink means no mags or other printies. (don't forget you can donate to me at paypal to help offset the costs of some of these things like ink and stuff) The bong is also from June's. I dipped the bong into some pretty foul dead and rotten soda and then stuck it to the magazine. Pretty simple. Now when the bong is lifted, a brown disgusting stain spreads across the magazine. Let's face it, we've all set something wet on magazines.

The last is a freebie picture. The (clean) magazine is sitting on the bed. And can you tell my dolls are a family of readers or what?

In other news, I am still waiting on my new resident. Not sure when she'll be landing in the US just yet, and I'm hoping she enjoys the new room box. But she has a resident visa and subsidized housing waiting for her and her orange locks when she gets here!!

Haven't named her yet either. And no Maude, we are not calling her "midget bitch! This jealousy over the furnishings has to stop!

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